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Carbin AI

Groundbreaking Data Analytics
for Roads-Vehicles-Drivers Interaction

At Carbin AI we are disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking patented data analytics solutions to help telematics providers, and for-hire/private fleets optimize performance and minimize costs.

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Changing the way we think about roads with SCIENCE+AI.

What in 2015 started as an academic project between 3 engineering professors, 3 years later with an ineradicable team of scientists, programmers, designers and engineers, turned out to be a pioneering technology for monitoring roads and extracting data that revolutionizes the way we think about interactions between vehicles, drivers and the roads. We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard, providing big picture insights and solutions for the road transportation sector. Get in touch to learn more.


Our Fast to Implement, Easy to Use and Smart Technology:

(1) Works with existing in-cab measuring systems*: OBD telematics or tablets/smartphones. Carbin AI works with existing telematics data, or provides an MDM installable app. 

(2) Collects vibrations and GPS data from any type of moving vehicle to infer, in real-time, road quality, vehicle conditions, and more. The process does not require any input from the driver and is completely anonymous. 

(3) Uses Science+AI based patented algorithms  to analyze data on a secure cloud infrastructure with a web platform for road-vehicle-driver performance predictions and visualizations for fleet managers and decision makers.  

*some devices may not be compatible due to lack of measuring sensors. 

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Our Journey

Our Story in New York Times

A story about Carbin Technology and how it will enable a smoother, safer and greener future road transportation was New York Times Editor's Pick

Our Presence in CONEXPO

Jake Roxon from Carbin AI discusses how our data analytics solutions and crowdsourced approach will change the way we monitor and optimize the performance of our roadway network



B2B SaaS + Data Analytics

At Carbin AI, we build data analytics tools that enhance the comfort and safety of roadway network users, while reducing costs and environmental impact associated with driving. Currently, Carbin AI technology is available to telematics providers, and for-hire/private fleets, but any driver can contribute to our ambitious vision of improving our global roadway network system. For more information click the button below.

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Carbin AI, Cambridge, MA

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